A CRM when used consistently and effectively is one of the best tools in a business. It enables users to keep track of customer details, activities, interactions, insights and much more.


Managing a CRM is important, some basics include:

  • Updating client information when required for example contact details and authorities.
  • Leaving clear interaction notes after each interaction with clients who are on the database or have been added to it during the interaction.
  • Ensure the information input by an individual can be easily understood by anyone else who reads it. Avoid jargon, made up terms and blank spaces.
  • Remember to record all communication including texts, skype calls, slack etc
  • Ensure you collect relevant and correct information from clients and be able to explain why you are collecting it.
  • Group contacts together so you can tailor your approach.
  • Use it. If it’s not in the CRM it didn’t happen



These are some CRM basics. There are different types of CRM’s on the market, some have free versions with limited features, which would be great to test out and identify what you want a CRM to do for you. It is a great tool and can be used to manage and grow a business



Intro to CRM use