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The way we work and live has changed for now. We will experience different emotions and have different experiences as we try to find a new normal.


Hi and welcome to Day by Day during Covid 19. 

I’m in the business of transformation and exchanging information and knowledge through coaching and training. This page is a way to continue in the sharing of information during this period of change.


*Information on this page is intended to be general. Reach out if you’d like more detail or contact the guest posters directly. 


The way we work has changed. Some of us work from home, some have taken their business online, some are serving customers within strict parameters, some have kids home from school, and many have lost their jobs. It’s a challenging time.

During this time it’s important to take it day by day and focus on one challenge at a time, to maintain a level of clarity, positivity and sanity.

Download a SWOT tool

Professional SWOT analysis  to download a professional SWOT tool to highlight your strengths and identity areas that you can further develop.

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VARK sounds like a swear word but acually refers to learning styles.

In terms of learning, everyone has a preference for a particular learning style.

That is visual, auditory, read and write, and kinaesthetic.Some people will have a strong preference for one style over another, a combination of 2.

For example I learn best when I read information and make notes, and in some instances get hands on, for example learning a new skill. I don’t take as much information in when I have to listen to something/someone or rely on visuals.

It’s important to keep this in mind to reduce stress and frustration as we home school kids. Observe and talk to kids about how they like to learn and try to find a balance of the styles so that it can fit around the new norm of home life.



Tina Bangel is a vocalist, singing teacher, coach and great human. She  has created a free Journey Gently music download for kids aged 3-7yrs, a free resource for you to introduce your child to music and movement.

It’s designed to slow down and play with your child.

In the download you will receive:

🌈Tina’s original song Journey Gently music mp3

⭐️Music and movement activity ideas

📖 Journey Gently picture Ebook so you and your child can look at the beautiful illustrations while listening to the song.

Click the link for your free downlaod.


Check out Tina’s website:


Michelle, from Santosha Wellbeing  Shellharbouworks magic as a massage therapist, beauty therapist, theta healer and yogi. 

Join her online for donation based Yin Yoga sessions.


For class info, follow her on:


and Instagram


Are you applying for a customer service role?

There are a number of roles advertised for contact center roles on the usual job sites, organization career pages and LinkedIn. 

Stand out during the application process by
providing some detail on your resume about your customer related activities, which you would then explain further during the interview process. 


Some examples include:  handling product and service complaints with a high resolution rate, recommending and signing up X amount of customers to programs in X period, achieving X% to sales target.  Avoid the use of general terms like ‘customer service’ or ‘sales’ as this is too vague. 

It’s also worth mentioning the types of systems you’ve used eg sales CRM, billing software, Microsoft tools, accounting software etc.

At times when I’m involved in the recruitment process, I look for terms and skill descriptions in resumes that relate to the role advertised. The more specific (and succinct) the information, the easier it is to create a shortlist of candidates.


Factors to consider when working from home:

  • Where to work

    • Do you have a room you can turn into an office?

    • Is there an area in your house/apartment where you can setup and work undisturbed?

  • How will you structure your day?

  • With school holidays approaching (in Aus) school closures and isolation a possibility what activities can the kids do while you work?

  • What equipment do you need?

  • What tools do you need to do your job?

  • As a leader/manager, how will you support remotely? 

  • How do you maintain a level of connection with colleagues that you had in the workplace from your dining table or bedroom/office?


Virtual tools for work (and school)


When working remotely, virtual tools enable us to stay connected. Some uses for web based applications include  messaging, sharing files, running meetings and training sessions. 

Virtual tools I’ve used to train, communicate and collaborate:

  • Adobe Connect for online training

  • WebEx for training

  • Google Hangouts for meetings

  • Slack for file sharing and to chat

  • Skype for video calls and meetings

  • Team-viewer for training

  • Dropbox to share files

Using virtual tools 

When you start using virtual tools you will obviously need to learn how to use them. Some people like to jump in and learn as they go and refer to instructions on a needs basis, others like to follow steps. Whatever your preference there are user guides and or videos to help you learn the basics functions (to begin with).

When using a tool to run a meeting or training session, as part of your introduction  explain what features attendees can use on their end. It’ll make the session run smoother.

Share your expectations of engagement and participation and set an agenda.


Webex is a tool that can be used for virtual learning, connecting with team members, clients and teachers (if we get to that stage).

If you are a participant in a Webex session:

  1. Download the app

  2. Log in to the session using the meeting link which was sent by the organizer.

  3. Enter your name and email the first time you use the app.

  4. Click the Join Meeting button.

  5. Select Call Using Computer under Select Audio Connection.

As a participant you can launch the video and participate in chats to have more of a human connection. 

For anyone wanting to host Webex sessions, there is a free plan available from the Webex website.


With all the recent changes and uncertainty its a time to adapt and overcome.

How you do one thing is how you do anything. If you panic and buy into fear you will carry that over many tasks and situations.


Get used to being upside down.

By Nick from the Strength Shed


One of the bigger reasons behind our training at the Shed is to build a mindset and skills that transfer to life outside. This was learned and continues to grow through Real MVMT. Building a mindset that you can adapt and overcome anything can be built in training and taken into your life If you are staying at home during this time and want to keep learning, growing and moving forward download some tips to get in the handstand game.


BCNA (Breast Cancer Network Australia) and Cancer Council have a lot of great resources and information for people undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors and their families and friends who may have questions and concerns about the Coronavirus.  

It’s been 11 years since my breast cancer diagnosis and I finally completed the last of my medication earlier this year. I’m not in a high risk category, however I am conscious of hygiene, more than usual as my immunity has not been the same since the 1st chemo.

We never go back to the way we were. 

These two websites have been a great source of information for me for a long time, it helps to separate fact from fiction.


Day 1 of the early school holidays.

School holidays in Victoria started 4 days early, and thankfully we got off to a good start. Kids have been provided with an abundance of resources from school to ease the boredom that is sure to come, and if term 2 is delayed. I did however feel an invisible pressure (self imposed) to continue with my daughters education. So today we filled our day with a number of activities such as pizza making, barbie play, reading, vegging out and a scavenger hunt. Most activities can be an informal learning exercise and as you can see from the scavenger hunt list, Miss 6 had an opportunity to practice her writing and spelling and flex her imagination.

I came across a SM post by a school principal who shared a lot of insightful thoughts that helped to alleviate the pressure I had put on myself. A couple  things that stood out is to make the wellbeing of our families a priority and not to get stressed about home schooling, “this is not homeschooling. This is an unprecedented emergency situation impacting the whole world. Let’s keep perspective. Homeschooling is a choice, where you considered, you plan for it and you are your child’s school teacher in whatever form you choose.”

The point of this post is to acknowledge we’re all doing our best, that we don’t need to add another pressure to our lives, and we should give ourselves a high 5.