These are more than just words strategically placed in the office, they inspire me to keep doing the work I do and uplift me on bumpy days. It helps me to see opportunities and help others in the process. These are things that I value.

What does it mean to dream big?

This is about breaking free from self imposed limits. To dismiss the negative self talk and allow yourself to dream about creating a new product, moving into a new role, selling bigger, adopting a new way of working, whatever it is that is meaningful to you. Don’t limit yourself because someone once said “No ones ever done that before”. Think outside the box and generate ideas, extend your limits and do something different. The size of a dream is relative to each person so never compare what you want to do to someone else, you can instead be inspired by them.

Why should we be curious?

Being curious helps us to grow, learn and improve the way we do things. It encourages thoughtful conversation and can motivate us to respectfully challenge the status quo. If you don’t ask questions you’ll never know.

How do you follow your bliss

Do a personal stock take and identify what makes you happy and brings joy in your day. It can as simple as making the choice to get up from your desk and head outdoors for lunch, volunteering, mentoring others, saying no to a meeting. Say yes more often to things that generate bliss at work and home.

You’ve got this is a mindset

It’s knowing that you can do this. It’s being your own personal cheer squad to motivate, uplift and validate the path you’re on.

What do you value and how does this influence the work you do?