At times, the current situation in the world may be confusing, unsettling and a bit scary. We’re all experiencing the unknown and a lot of people will be required to work differently as we navigate each day. Mandates have been put in place in some large and national organizations requiring employees to work from home for at least a couple of weeks, and many other small and medium businesses are following suit.

I work from my home office majority of the time and I’ve created an environment where I can focus and be productive. If you are in a position where you need to work from home there are several factors that you should consider, some of these include:

·      Where to work- do you have a room you can turn into an office?

·      Is there an area in your house/apartment you can setup and work undisturbed?

·      How will you structure your day?

·      With school holidays approaching (in Aus), school closures and isolation a possibility, what activities can the kids do while you work?

Some days both my husband and I are work from home and at times I setup up at the dining table when he has to make a lot of calls in the office, as I like to work in quite spaces, or he’ll work from the dining room when I run virtual training sessions and webinars.

On an average day, I start the work day by using my Brendon Burchard planner to structure my working hours and set tasks and goals, read emails and info, reply to inquiries and calls, post content on social platforms, prep and deliver training when it is scheduled, take an hour break to have lunch and go outside, then the afternoon may involve more training and or designing training programs for clients.

During school holidays I setup a little space for my 6 year old daughter in the office where she can colour, practice her writing, or do activities on her tablet. She likes to be close at the beginning of the day and as the day progresses, she moves further away doing her own thing. Through trial and error I’ve learnt during these time I need to take frequent and short breaks to do something with her, it could be to play a little game, draw, sit and watch something with her or have a chat. Older kids will have less of a need to be close but needs in other ways.

It is possible to work productively from home and in my experience planning how you will work, what you will do, and how you can work with family or housemates in the same space is important before you get started. Talk to your manager/leader about what support, resources and tools you need to get started. Some essentials include:

  • laptop and charger
  • keyboard and mouse
  • headset
  • stationery
  • platforms to stay connected

Sit or stand at a table that is the right height, use a chair that is comfortable. Avoid sitting on a couch and using cushions as a table. This will become uncomfortable very quickly. Take screen breaks, have lunch, move around and stretch. It can be easy to get in a zone, ignore tummy rumbles and stiff joints and then all of a sudden it’s 3pm and you’re HANGRY. It’s not a great state to be in on any given day. Eat well, rest, move your body, stay connected to your team and enjoy your work.

Set yourself up for success and consider what your new work arrangement will look like and what you need to get the job done.