How would you describe the vibe in your team?

Is there anyone in your team who dreads coming into work?

Are team members all working towards the same goal?

If you were to look up at your team now, do they look happy?

When the team vibe is flat, people are coming into work late and chucking lots of sickies, business goals aren’t being achieved and your team looks miserable, it’s time to implement some changes.

The changes must begin with you as a leader.

If you’re so engrossed with your own work and can’t answer the questions above because you don’t know what they are, the change in these instances too must begin with you as a leader.

I’ve experienced it myself and have spoken to countless people about workplace culture and what I know is that it must be powered by the leader, and it begins with having a level of self-awareness. Identifying the behaviours you role model, and how it influences individuals can help you to understand the disconnect if one exists, or further develop what’s working well. Culture in the workplace is something that needs to be continually developed, it cannot be a one-off event.

Some actions that can generate a positive team culture include:

·      Clear communication

·      Active listening

·      Authenticity

·      Removing obstacles

·      Having a clear vision of success

·      Aligning KPI’s to the business goals

·      Supporting individual needs

·      Celebrations

·      Cultivating an environment of psychological safety

·      Empowering and delegating

·      Working collaboratively

·      Training and development

Change, when the culture is low won’t happen overnight as trust needs to be reclaimed, when it does happen people will thrive and the energy will be contagious, in good way.