My country is on fire. It is catastrophic, it is scary.

It has affected A LOT of people.

Lives, homes, livelihoods have been lost.

People may be in shock, they maybe scared about the present situation, scared about what the future looks like, they may feel completely overwhelmed by the enormity of what is happening and don’t know what to do.

If you’re in a call center taking calls or a leader supporting teams who are helping people in need, listen, treat each person and situation as unique and understand what they need before trying to help. Feeling motivated to help is a great start but ensure the conversations you’re having are meaningful to the individual. Identify what processes need to be refined to better assist people and make it simple. Demonstrate empathy, suspend judgement, listen actively and learn what someone actually needs.

Listen to learn about the situation, understand it, ask questions, clarify and then determine how you can help.

Don’t assume everyone has the same needs.