Do your team members look to you for guidance, answers, direction, a laugh, to remove obstacles and support?

As a leader, the energy you generate will filter through your team. If you’re showing up to work tired, impatient, rushed, unavailable, distracted or holed up in a meeting room all day long, your team will be left to fend for themselves, for the most part doing the best they can without a captain. They may make small mistakes, some could be disastrous, they may feel unsupported in their roles and feel job dissatisfaction which further degenerates the energy in the team.

On the other hand, when you look after your physical and mental health, say no to things that add no value, have the support you need as a leader, understand and work towards the goals of the business, the energy you generate can be motivational and inspirational. You and your team will make better decisions, create more advocates, deliver the best products or services, and create a dynamic workplace in which people will thrive.  

 There are many facets to leadership and unfeasible to have a one size fits all approach. What we can control is the energy we bring to the work environment and how that will influence other humans.