Winging it is a term that dates back to the late 19th century in theater. The term was used when during impromptu performances actors learnt their lines while waiting in the wings and then received assistance when they were on stage, by a special prompter who fed them lines.

In current day the phrase winging is used when someone chooses to improvise with little to no preparation. It is a term that is used in the workplace too often. My belief is that if you are to do something well you need to put in the energy and effort required to develop the necessary skills, practice and prepare. This is when having a learning zone really works for you.

Reputations can be built and destroyed based on the effort and energy that goes into an endeavor. You can be known for your skills and professionalism or you can be that person who just turns up and makes things up as they go.

How many professional sportspeople do you think wing it?

How would you feel if your doctor felt like winging it on the day you saw them?

Why would you want to wing it?