This is what we do.

This is how we work.

We partner with businesses to provide an outsource training and development team. A lot of businesses don’t have an in-house training team yet they have learning and development needs for new starters, product/service/software training, coaching, collating training material, creating training material such as videos, decks, training guides and more.

As an outsource training team we can and will provide learning and development services that are relevant to a business. It could be once off service or ongoing depending on what is required in a business or channel.

There have been times when a client we’ve partnered with has been unsure of their specific needs yet recognized something was needed. Which is why we collaborate with subject matter experts, business owners, managers, and or leaders. Collaboration enables us to identify and develop specific programs that align with goals.

You know your business and customers which is why consulting with you helps us understand what you need from an outsource training and development team.

Clear and regular communication ensures the programs we develop hit the mark. We provide advise around gaps, adult learning principles, training methods, development opportunities, designing and developing programs, facilitation for learners and trainers, and more.   

We love what we do and we’re pretty good at it too.

Outsource training team