“I can spend 4 hours calling people and not make a human connection with anyone.”  

I read this statement in a Humans of New York story and was inspired to reach out to the person featured in the story and share a cold call framework. This person was running for congress and trying to raise funds for his campaign by making cold calls as part of his fund raising strategy.

Making cold calls in any role can be rewarding and it can also be very challenging. I’ve made calls using a predictive dialler and created my own lists of news businesses to make cold calls and I know first hand you need some kind of framework or approach. You can’t just call up and say “hey” and expect the person on the other end of the phone to be an eager participant in the conversation.

It can be tough hearing ‘no thanks” a few seconds into a conversation, and to help overcome this we’ve created a COLD CALL INTRODUCTION FRAMEWORK to keep the conversation moving forward. A solid introduction can help you get past the gatekeeper and talking to the decision maker.

The purpose of the Cold Call Introduction framework is to help you develop an introduction which clearly explains the purpose of your call and hints at how you may be able to add value to a business. This is not a script to follow word for word. Download the cold call framework, follow the instructions to develop your own cold call introduction.