Comfortable Selling is better than the typical sales training program.

It’s more than bells, whistles, rah rah fist pumping and high 5’s.

The four stages of Comfortable Selling is directly linked to the customer stages of making a purchase.

Comfortable Selling has been designed to develop sales skills, increase what you already know about sales, highlight how the new sales and marketing sales funnel links to the 4 stages of the Comfortable Selling sales process, to convert more sales.

A lot of people invest their time and money into marketing in various ways and then hope it will bring them more customers.

A lot of people wait for the sales to come in, for people to walk through the door and online orders to appear in their inbox. It happens sometimes however the reality is that it doesn’t just happen.

There are stages that a customer must experience before they connect with a business and make a purchase. Comfortable Selling training introduces learners to the customer stages of awareness through passive and active advertising, how it generates interest, the purpose and importance of consideration, intent to buy, evaluation process of making a purchase based on emotional and rational purchases, before an individual makes a purchase.

With a fresh approach to understanding consumer behavior, learners will also be able to easily adapt the sales skills in Comfortable Selling to move customers through the stages of the making a purchase.

Comfortable Selling training can be completed online by individuals and we can integrate Comfortable Selling into your customer sales experience.