he 70/20/10 learning model breaks down how learning can occur.

10% of formal training occurs in a classroom – physical or online learning or virtual instructor led.

20% of learning occurs through coaching, mentoring and support.

A big chunk of learning is informal. 70% of what you learn can be done on the job through observation, buddying up, practice and so on.

Micro learning can help embed learning in formal and informal situations.

Training does not and should not be mind numbing. Transfer of information can occur in short sharp modules from a few minutes to a series of 20 minute online learning modules over a period of time, depending on the program.

The purpose of training is to increase knowledge and skills through the transfer of information. At times this can be done through the use of a clear and easy to digest document, when prior knowledge exists, roles plays, simulations, one on one training, online training and micro learning, all developed with an adult learner in mind.