Online training is an effective way to develop skills and transfer information for new starters and existing staff. In current times, with isolation and social distancing there may be more of a need to conduct/facilitate training in the online space.

Online instructor led training is like training that occurs in a classroom where a trainer uses presentations, facilitates discussion and activities, and uses props. The program duration may be a short 30 minute workshop, full day, or training that runs for days/week, each will have its own objective, content and session plan.

Effective self paced training is short, think micro modules that are 5 mins in duration or 30 minute modules. Anything longer can lead to lack of concentration and low retention of information for learners. Videos, knowledge checks and activities can be easily incorporated into self paced online modules to engage learners, and must be used with a specific objective in mind.

Have you ever been at a party where someone has talked to you non stop for what feels like an eternity?

Training where a facilitator talks non stop, and modules that are dry and text heavy can have the same effect on a learner as being talked at by a person. It can induce heavy sleep, distraction and be ineffective.

Blending instructor led and self paced training is a highly effective way to develop skills and increase knowledge. Topics should be kept to a reasonable length, the trainer should encourage and invite discussion, and keep to timings, and provide very clear instructions when a learner is required to complete a self paced module.

Providing learners with clear guidelines and completion dates for self paced online training for compliance type training is trackable, with the use of a LMS. Micro learning can also be used in a online format to share information in small chunks.

As with any type of training there must be a purpose to the training, and this must influence the format, content and expectations of a learner. Online training is a very effective way to create and deliver learning paths for individuals and teams. Using a combination of methods and resources can engage learners to meet training objectives.

Online training can be effective way to develop skills