Team building activities are essential while working from home

Stage 4 lock down in Melbourne has been extended by 2 weeks, which for many of us means remote working continues to be the way forward. As we continue to dial in to meetings, juggle home schooling, and try to maintain a distinction between work and home life, things, inevitably get blurry. Dedicated start and finish times, breaks and check ins need to be implemented. It’s during this time, in particular when individuals look to their leaders for instruction, guidance and support. Team building and cohesion during Covid-19 is equally as important as getting things done.

One on one’s with team members are a great opportunity to work through what’s working well while working from home, and the challenges of work and home schooling, amongst other hot conversation topics. Training, coaching, one on one’s may have fallen by the wayside, which is understandable given the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, however it’s time to make development a priority again.

The focus of developing teams during a pandemic, particularly in lock down can be about team building, time management, sharpening communication skills, and learning new skills through online learning. Scheduling time as a group for team building activities, or for individuals- using our Learning Zone planner can assist in reinvesting energy into the development of team members.

Right now, more than ever we need to work on being a strong unit, to understand goals, redefine them if needed, to trust each other to work towards the same goals, and to feel like we belong to a team even when working remotely.

As leaders, you may not have all the answers or know exactly how to help, what you can do is have the virtual version of an open door, have structured development time, casual chats, and make team building a focus.