It’s funny how knowledge can be filed away and then something, or someone triggers action in the hippocampus, which is what happened during a training and development session I attended last week.

People recall faces better than a logo. I knew this yet I hadn’t done much about it on the site. It was the nudge I needed to share a bit about myself.

I am Reena.

I am the founder of Learning Elements.

I am Reena Baumann, founder of Learning Elements – training and development.

Training and development – designing and facilitating are what makes me happy. I love seeing the transformation that occurs in individuals undertaking any sort of learning activity. To me it’s a real privilege to be a part of an individuals professional and at times personal growth.

My career in training and development began over 20 years ago when I ran product workshops in a spa environment, educating clients on the benefits of tourmaline, and creating hands on experiences. Not much, yet a lot has changed since those days. I’m still developing training sessions and workshops, facilitating, building relationships, and being a conduit for change.

I ask a lot of questions, I like to have a laugh, I love to bring out the best in people, and I will challenge you. I’m not a rah-rah, fist pumping, high fiving person (which is perfect in current times), yet I am someone you can trust.

One of my many sayings is “why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary”.

I believe, the way to be extraordinary is to invest in your own, or a teams training and development. This could mean regular coaching sessions, monthly, half yearly. or annual skill development sessions, whatever feels right for you. Training and development used to be seen (by some) as something to do to get out work, a break from routine. From what I’ve seen over the years thankfully their has been a shift in perception and people have embraced the benefits of training and development.