InstructorPeter B
TypeOnsite Course
Time1 DAY
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Coaching Essentials Course by Learning Elements

In this Coaching Essentials course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of coaching, how to conduct an effective coaching discussion using a proven coaching framework and how to use action plans to improve performance.

Course Title: Coaching Essentials

Course Type: In-Person, Online Instructor-Led

Duration: 1 Day


Course Content:

Section 1: Introduction to Coaching

Section 2: Coaching Frameworks

Section 3: Effective Coaching Discussions

Section 4: Action Planning for Performance Improvement

Section 5: Closing and Follow-Up

We cover key concepts, practical skills, and application strategies to ensure a thorough understanding of coaching fundamentals. Feel free to contact us for details or to customise the content based on your specific needs.


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Section 1Introduction to CoachingFree Preview

1.1 Understanding Coaching

  • Definition of coaching and its significance in personal and professional development.
  • Differentiating coaching from mentoring, counselling, and other forms of support.

1.2 The Coaching Mindset

  • Cultivating the right mindset for effective coaching.
  • Exploring the importance of empathy, active listening, and non-judgemental communication.
Section 2Coaching Frameworks
Section 3Effective Coaching Discussions
Section 4Action Planning for Performance Improvement
Section 5Closing and Follow-Up