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Different Types of Salespeople
17 Jun 2020

7 Types of Salespeople. Which One Are You?

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7 types of salespeople is a workshop I facilitated for sales reps in a call centre. It was a session which encouraged agents to understand their sales approach. And also how it was linked to their results. Some people really enjoyed the workshop, but a small group found it very confronting and challenged their beliefs.

In any workshop, one-on-one or meeting where beliefs and mindset are examined, as the facilitator, it’s important to manage emotions, questions and group dynamics and highlight the positive outcomes of the interaction.

Different Types of Salespeople

Every type of salesperson will have their own belief system and also sources of motivation. These need to be understood to empower a person before any next steps can be implemented.

The following is an overview of 7 types of salespeople:

1. The Top Gun

  • Consistently high performers
  • Positive attitude
  • Loves to help customers and peers

2. The Content

  • Faithful
  • Steady
  • Consistently coming close to or achieving target every month

3. The Marginal Performer

  • Inconsistent performer
  • Disinterested at times
  • Shows motivation at other times

4. The Enthusiastic

  • Good attitude
  • Willing to grow
  • Lots of potentials

5. The Hostile

  • Rarely achieves target
  • Defensive attitude
  • Does not care about customers

6. The Know It All

  • Very big ego
  • Can be a high performer at times
  • Not a team player

7. The Negative Lens

  • This type of person is negative about most things, e.g., the company, management, customers
  • Resists change
  • Finds it difficult to focus on positives

Though not set in stone, these types are common. When a person is willing and able to learn new ways of working and have the relevant kind of support and opportunities in their role, they will grow.

Summing Up

Sales are one of the most important aspects of any business; many companies will not succeed without them. The 7 different types of salespeople listed above have their own strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes them unique. It is better to understand how to sell to your customers. The salesperson is the backbone of the company. Without them, the company would find it challenging to succeed. They can handle rejections and develop new ways to market the company and sell products.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this blog post helpful.