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Outsourcing Instructional Design and How it can help businesses
20 Dec 2022

Outsourcing Instructional Design Work and Its Benefits

Outsourcing instructional design work has been a common practice for many years now. For providing more effective and engaging learning experiences for your employees or students, instructional designers are most important. Outsourcing instructional design work has many benefits. You can get help with all aspects of instructional design and take advantage of expert expertise in this field. It also allows you to focus on other aspects of your business that are more important to your success.

Outsourcing Instructional Design and How it can help businesses

Work of Instructional Designers

Instructional designers (ID) develop and design online face-to-face educational programs: courses, workshops, curriculums, training materials, and sessions. These professionals have designed grounded in learning theory, deliver the desired outcomes for the targeted audience, and the cognitive science. 

The work of the instructional designer is an important part of the training process. This stage is where instructional designers assist in developing strategies for how the training will be delivered. They also check what materials to utilise and how to assess them. It is the step in deciding which exercises will be practised and to what degree. Also, it is the step in selecting learning activities and setting a deadline for when you want to complete them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Instructional Design Work

You can take advantage of an instructional designer’s unique skillset 

Instructional designers use their skills and knowledge day by day to create learning experiences. They are responsible for the materials and tools that teach learners. 

The instructional designer’s skillset is very different from other professions in the educational field. The design process for an instructional designer is more complex than just creating a syllabus or grading assignments. The instructional designer must understand how each learner learns, their goals, and how learners can reach them. Instructional Designers look at the overall picture of what the learner should know. They then design or break it down into small steps that are easy for the learners to follow. They must think creatively and critically and understand how learners react in any given situation.

Moreover, they have experience in an extensive range of industries and organisations with various groups of learners. They can easily predict challenges and know how they can overcome them. 

What’s more?

Enhance your speed to market

Instructional designers have shown a framework for new projects. They have designed their process and can embrace it to your business needs. Because they have the experience and are constantly working on this, they can do it more easily and quickly.

Worry no more about having the capacity to design new programmes if new issues and regulations occur in your industry. With the help of IDs, you can respond to market needs and achieve things faster to get the work done.

Improves learners’ interaction

Instructor-led courses are the most common type of instructional design. However, this traditional method has its drawbacks. For instance, creating and delivering an instructor-led course is expensive and time-consuming.

Outsourcing instructional design work is a good alternative to these drawbacks. It can save time and money for learners’ interaction with instructors and trainers’ interaction with learners. In addition, outsourcing can save owners from the distractions of thinking programmes or new programmes for the team. The same goes for training employees, allowing the owner to focus on more significant matters.

Raise skills of staff with coaching 

You will see excellent practices in action when you are already working with an Instructional Designer. Your team will get an opportunity to learn something new and be exposed to ways to upskill their talents. Outsourcing instructional designers is a great way to improve the skills of staff. They can provide coaching and feedback to staff members who want to improve their skills.

Other benefits of outsourcing instructional design work include the following:

  • better quality control
  • more time for project management
  • an easier content creation process
Workshop to develop training plan


Outsourcing instructional design work is a trend that is picking up steam. Many companies outsource instructional design work to improve their workforce skillsets. It’s not just about the money but also the flexibility and scalability of outsourcing. Outsourcing instructional design work is an excellent way to bring a fresh perspective into your company. It will inevitably lead to better results and more innovation!

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