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personal development

Online Learning, Training, and Coaching for You

Posted on30 Nov 2022
Today’s global world is seeking strong, energetic and vibrant dynamic leaders. Developing collaborative teams and facilitating transformation while managing change is critical and imperative. Online Learning, Training and Coaching may give you insights on what to do next!

Personal Development

Posted on05 Sep 2021
Unlock your true potential and embark on a transformative journey of personal development. Discover the secrets of Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese art form that combines skill development with inner growth. Dive into the meditative process and unleash the power within you for a life of self-discovery and personal excellence.

Do You Walk the Talk You Walk?

Posted on25 Aug 2020
I have recently started my yoga teacher training. The first lessons cover yoga philosophy and ethics, sharing essential concepts from experienced Yogis. Each topic includes written assignments and quizzes, ensuring your understanding. It's a learner-centric approach with pass and fail components (which gets a big thumbs up from me from an L&D perspective).

What Do You Want _______ To Do for You?

Posted on23 Jun 2020
Discover the power of effective instructional design techniques and unleash the full potential of your training programs. From instructor-led training to virtual sessions, content curation, and more, explore a comprehensive guide to creating impactful learning experiences. Uncover the secrets of instructional design and take your training initiatives to new heights.