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22 Dec 2020

GOAL SETTING – It’s That Time Of Year

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Goal setting is when we design and create an action plan towards our ideal future. How committed and motivated are you to make your goals a reality?

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the days that have passed and look to the days ahead. This year has been like no other that I’ve experienced, full of highs, lows, the mundane, and exciting. There are several things that I am thankful for professionally and personally, and these things and setting my goals help me through the hard and sad times.

I’m a big advocate of goal setting; it is that time of year when many goals or resolutions are set. Something to keep in mind when setting goals is to be specific. Think through and clearly define and articulate your goal, why it’s important to achieve it, and what difference it will make in your life.

Goal Setting Excercise

If you set a goal to simply ‘eat better,’ it becomes a loose goal with loopholes. Eating better is great when it is clearly defined. Think about what this looks like compared to the current state of eating. Does eating better mean eating 2 serves of fruit every day for 2 months? or forever? Does it mean drinking 2 litres of water every day? Drinking 2 units of alcohol 3 times a week? Eating a serving of fish? Goal setting is an effective exercise when done well.

When you have clearly defined the goal, include a time frame, and think about what to do if you miss a milestone or slip up. Do you get on with it? Double up or down the intake the next day? Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up. Recognize it, acknowledge it and move on.

Be sure to set a reward for achieving your goals. Just as I’m a big advocate of setting goals, I’m equally as enthusiastic about celebrating goals. This could be buying something I’ve had my eye on, eating a treat, or having a special occasion wine.

Goal setting keeps us moving forward and helps us to move on from things that have been challenging. It gives us something to look forward to on dark days and a reason to celebrate on the bright ones.