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Let’s Talk about the Needs in Sales and the Benefits of Knowing Them
28 Jul 2020

Let’s Talk about Needs in Sales

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Understanding the needs in sales is crucial for a successful transaction. Just like the characters in “City of Girls” sought specific dresses, it’s essential to identify what customers truly require. Let’s explore the importance of addressing needs and how it impacts sales.

“We need dresses from the 1920’s, Marjorie,” I said. “Really good ones. Rich lady dresses.”

“You wanna start by looking upstairs? In the Collections?”

The archly named “Collection” was a small area on the third floor where the Lowtsky’s sold their rarest and most precious finds.

“We don’t have the budget just now to even be glancing as the Collection.”

“So you want rich lady dresses but at poor lady prices?”

Edna laughed: “You’ve identified our needs perfectly, my dear.”

Excerpt from City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Understanding Customer Needs and Elevate Your Sales Game

In sales, a need has to exist for it to be called a sale.

How would you know what to offer if you didn’t know what was in need?

Think back to when salespeople pressured you into a sale, disregarding your voice and undermining your value as a customer. The result? A regretful charge on your credit card that left you feeling dissatisfied and unappreciated.

The times I’ve regretted a purchase were when I bought something I didn’t need, didn’t actually want, and felt pressured into saying yes and handing over my credit card. There have been occasions when I’ve returned an item and received a refund, which took considerable time and energy and further tainted the experience with a brand.

Asking a customer outright, “What do you need?” may not provide the answers you need to assist them. Sometimes, the customer may not know themselves or be able to articulate their need.

Asking questions, listening, and understanding the customer will highlight needs. Further investigation by asking specific questions based on what you learn from your customer will help to clearly define the need, which is why it’s important to talk about needs.

Understanding Customer Needs: The Key to Successful Sales

To excel in sales, it’s crucial to understand that a successful transaction is built upon fulfilling a genuine need. Simply put, offering the right solution hinges on identifying and comprehending what customers truly require.

Effective salesmanship involves asking targeted questions, actively listening, and truly understanding your customers. By delving deeper into their preferences and pain points, you can uncover hidden needs and provide tailored solutions. Recognising the importance of addressing these needs is the key to building trust, delivering value, and fostering long-term customer satisfaction.

Different Types of Salespeople

Understanding and addressing customer needs is the foundation of successful sales. How can you build strong relationships with customers and drive satisfaction? It’s by recognising the importance of genuine solutions and avoiding pressuring tactics,

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