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Comfortable Selling Online Training - Transformational Sales Training Program
9 Jul 2020

Comfortable Selling Online Training Takes the Angst Out of Selling

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Comfortable Selling online training is an easy-to-follow and implement sales approach that can transform sales interactions and results.

Many people work in roles with a primary focus on providing a service. However, they also need to recommend products and additional services or give advice, yet lack the necessary skills to do so.

In this training, co-founder Reena will explain the 4 stages of a sale. She will help you to develop the skills needed in each stage. Reena is an experienced trainer, business coach, salesperson, and learning designer.

“When I first started off in sales I relied on luck to get sales. To be honest, I didn’t really like selling. It had nothing to do with the products or services I was trying to sell (and I use the word sell loosely), it was because I didn’t have the skills to sell.

I felt uncomfortable approaching customers and talking about products. I would look for other things to do like unpacking stock and taking the rubbish out so that I wouldn’t have to talk to customers. When I applied for the sales role I thought it would be great fun but without the proper training and support I was lost.”

Reena Baumann – Co founder of Learning Elements and creator of the Comfortable Series.
Comfortable Selling Online Training - Transformational Sales Training Program

You can’t wing it. Rely on luck or charm.

Selling requires a specific skill set. This training aims to develop or refine those relevant skills, enabling individuals to sell the right products and services effectively. As a result, businesses can experience increased sales and foster a base of happy, loyal customers.

Comfortable Selling is ideal for:

  • Professionals who offer a service and also need to sell products
  • Anyone starting off in sales
  • Anyone who is in need of a sales refresher
  • Anyone who has been in a sales slump for too long

Reena is a qualified learning and development professional and has incorporated adult learning principles into the training so that you walk away with an increase in knowledge and skills. The training videos are short and sharp. Each topic has 1- 2 activities to help you think about how to incorporate the skills into the work you do and develop strategies with lasting results.

You will learn about the fundamentals of sales and a sales approach that can increase revenue and advocate for your business. The key is to have the right mindset, to view selling as a conversation rather than a transaction, and to approach it as a way to help customers buy the right products and services. 

At Learning Elements, we believe in developing skills and increasing knowledge.

We don’t do tips and tricks as these aren’t sustainable. 

Sales should be fun, it should be easy and comfortable for you and your customers. 
Give customers a reason to become loyal customers.

If you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, you will miss out on opportunities to increase sales and help your customers. 

Feel good about selling.

Transform your sales results with Comfortable Selling online training today!

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