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Tips and Skills to become a better Leader
3 Apr 2020

A Great Leader

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Being a leader in business is rewarding and challenging. The rewards can inspire, and the challenges can help you be a better leader.

Tips and Skills to become a better Leader

A Leader

As a leader, you will undoubtedly have acquired skills in your career that led you to your position of influence. Ongoing learning and development of technical and interpersonal skills are essential. Keep up with what’s happening in your industry and be the best version of yourself. In saying that, it’s also worth mentioning that we are all human and will make mistakes. 

When it occurs, recognize it, own it, think about how to undo it if possible, fix it and move on. 

Being technically skilled means that you can perform specific tasks and functions. Having interpersonal skills facilitates growth and change. The two go hand in hand.  


Challenges can easily arise as we all have different personalities, motivations and perspectives. It’s what makes us human. Acknowledging and understanding your team member’s strengths, vulnerabilities and what’s important to them will help you create a strong team as a leader. You can do this by having regular informal and structured conversations and creating a culture of openness. Over the years, I’ve met a few leaders who would say my door is always open, yet when someone went to them with something they disagreed with, the metaphorical door was slammed shut. Be prepared to hear the good and the bad. Work with your team to find solutions. You may not have all the answers, and nor should you.

Acknowledge and Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any career, and being a great leader is no exception. When a mistake happens, it is essential to recognize it, take ownership, and find ways to undo it if possible. Being authentic and admitting mistakes can help build trust with your team and provide opportunities for growth and learning.


Authenticity is paramount in all interactions, and to do this, you should be yourself, share who you are, and share what drives and worries you. You can’t rely solely on your skills and experience to influence others to work towards the same goal. Get off your chair and away from reports, talk to people, and involve yourself! (You don’t need to be across everything, trust your team to deliver as they, too, have the skills and experience to be in their role.) Ask individuals in the team what they want from you as their leader. Initiate a conversation with your manager, expressing your preferences for the support you need.

Enjoy the rewards of being a leader and embrace the challenges that arise!
Understanding Soft Skills and Hard Skills
Summing Up

Being a great leader is not just about technical skills and experience. To excel in this role, continuous learning and the development of technical and interpersonal skills are crucial. Acknowledging and learning from mistakes while being authentic and involved with the team helps build trust and create a strong unit. Embrace the diverse personalities and perspectives within your team and foster a culture of openness. Don’t rely solely on your expertise; engage with your team and seek their input. Remember that mistakes are inevitable, but taking ownership and finding solutions lead to growth and learning. Enjoy the rewards of leadership and embrace the challenges that come your way.

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