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Let’s Talk about Needs in Sales

Posted on28 Jul 2020
Unveil the secret to successful sales by unlocking the power of understanding customer needs. Avoid the pitfalls of pushy sales tactics and discover the art of truly listening. Elevate your sales game and forge lasting customer relationships by focusing on what matters most – meeting their unique needs.

Cold Calling: Some People Love It, Most Don’t.

Posted on09 Jul 2020
"I can spend 4 hours calling people and not make a human connection with anyone." I read this statement in a Humans of New York story. I realise how challenging cold calling to others can be. Read here to learn more about our Framework approach.

The Customer Journey Online Training

Posted on08 Jul 2020
Uncover the untapped potential of the customer journey and revolutionise your marketing strategies. Discover how our transformative Customer Journey Online Training can unlock the secrets to driving conversions and maximising your marketing ROI. Take action now and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success in reaching your target audience.