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The Customer Journey Online Training
8 Jul 2020

The Customer Journey Online Training

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The customer journey is part of the sales process. It is something that is often overlooked, which can lead to confusion and doubt about the effectiveness of marketing.

The Customer Journey Online Training has been developed to clear up some confusion by breaking down the steps between marketing and a sale.

Did you know that when someone sees (or hears) an ad or post, they do a number of things before deciding to make a purchase? Depending on how meaningful it is to an individual at the time, it will determine the actions taken.

The Customer Journey Online Training

While studying at uni, I worked in a women’s clothing store. One of the tasks I had to do was hand out flyers on the main street or pop them on car windshields in the nearby car park. This was about 25 years ago when flyers were still a great form of advertising.

My manager would then wait for people to enter the store and buy dresses, evening wear and accessories to match.  Most of the time, this didn’t happen, and my manager would then blame the staff, the location, the stock and anything else that seemed like a cause to him.

It’s rare for someone to make a purchase immediately after seeing or hearing an advert.

What I’ve learnt since then is that customers go on what’s called a customer journey. A customer takes these steps between seeing a flyer, ad or social media post and then going on to make a purchase.

When a need already exists for an individual who has come across an advertised product/service, and they have the money to spend, and time to shop, they will make a purchase.

Majority of the time, a need doesn’t exist for individuals at the time of seeing or hearing about a product or service, which means the potential customer isn’t motivated to buy at that time. Marketing, when a need doesn’t exist, becomes more of an awareness piece, which could be filed away for later.

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Transforming the Customer Journey: Nurturing Success at Every Step

The customer journey is an intricate process that holds the key to unlocking success in marketing efforts. Understanding and navigating this journey effectively is essential to ensuring positive outcomes. Every customer embarks on a unique path, influenced by various touchpoints and experiences. The customer journey involves carefully traversing steps, starting with the initial interaction with an advertisement or post. It extends all the way to the eventual purchase decision.

Capturing attention and guiding consumers through the customer journey is paramount in today’s digital age. Recognising that a need may not exist when exposed to a product or service is crucial. Businesses can sow the seeds of awareness through strategic and well-planned marketing initiatives. Strategic marketing initiatives keep offerings in customers’ minds, ready for exploration at the opportune moment.

Get in touch with us now! Unlock the customer journey’s nuances and potential through our transformative Customer Journey Online training. This comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to decipher the intricacies of customer behaviour. Effectively engage your audience and optimise marketing efforts with our program at every customer journey stage.

Let’s transform the customer journey and nurture success at every step together!
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