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Training Can Be Short, Sharp and Effective
22 Jul 2020

Training Can Be Short, Sharp and Effective

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Why is there a need for short, sharp, and effective training?

The 70/20/10 learning model breaks down how learning can occur.

10% of formal training occurs in a classroom—physical, online, or instructor-led.

20% of learning occurs through coaching, mentoring, and support.

A big chunk of learning is informal. 70% of what you learn on the job is through observation, buddying up, practise, and so on.

Microlearning can help embed learning in formal and informal situations.

Training does not and should not be mind-numbing. The transfer of information can occur in short, sharp modules. From a few minutes to a series of 20-minute online learning modules over a period of time, depending on the programme.

Training Can Be Short, Sharp and Effective

The purpose of training is to increase knowledge and skills by transferring information. This can sometimes be done through a clear and easy-to-digest document when prior knowledge exists, role plays, simulations, one-on-one training, online training, and microlearning. Furthermore, these are all developed with adult learners in mind.

Creating Short, Effective, and Engaging Training Tailored for Adult Learners

We, at Learning Elements, specialise in crafting customised training courses that cater to the unique needs of adult learners, ensuring maximum impact and knowledge retention. Our experienced team of instructional designers is well-versed in the latest techniques and methodologies. They can create engaging modules that make learning a breeze. By utilising innovative approaches such as microlearning and interactive simulations, we ensure that training is not only concise but also highly effective. Our tailored training solutions can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need to upskill your workforce, comply with industry regulations, or adapt to changing market demands, we have the expertise to provide the necessary training that aligns with your specific needs.

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Effective training goes beyond merely transferring information. It seeks to engage and empower learners to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in practical contexts. By leveraging a combination of training methods, including short and focused modules, organisations can create training experiences that cater to adult learners’ needs. This approach promotes active participation and ultimately drives individual and organisational growth.