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9 Nov 2020

What’s Important To Your Client?

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How do you know what’s important to your client? How to know the client’s needs? What are the qualities of customer service needed? How it affects businesses?

Besides, Do you…

Regardless of your industry and what you sell, learning what’s important to your client and identifying a need by having genuine conversations will benefit your clients, yourself, and your brand.

Last year my family and I went on a holiday starting in the Adelaide Hills in S.A where I officiated a wedding for friends (I’m a civil celebrant on the side) and then on to Fiji to relax and recharge.

I emailed a travel agent and shared basic information, such as travel dates and destinations. Within the hour, I received an invoice and an itinerary detailing unsuitable flights and hotel bookings. When I sent the initial email, I expected a call to go through the trip in more detail, to learn what flight times suited us, to learn the purpose of the trip, to understand what my family needed in terms of accommodation type, to uncover our interests and what was important to us.

What should’ve been an easy and pleasant experience became a frustrating and time-consuming transaction. One that could’ve been avoided by creating trust, asking questions, and having an actual conversation.

How do you learn what’s important to your client?

What do you do to build trust and maintain it during the interaction? These elements are more important than “closing a sale.” That’s the easy part when you’ve figured out how you can actually serve a customer.

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