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Storyboards, why use one for Training Design and Development
15 Sep 2020

Storyboards, Why Use One?

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A storyboard, a crucial tool in training design, outlines the purpose and content of the training. It encompasses text, activities, media, and audio, effectively telling the story of the training. Storyboards provide a visual roadmap for instructional development and ensure a cohesive and engaging learning experience.

Clients share storyboards to review and provide feedback on the training content. Developers, who are responsible for building the training, also utilise storyboards. Clear communication plays a vital role in ensuring seamless collaboration between all stakeholders involved. Vague ideas and giving all creative licenses to a developer make the process difficult. It increases the time required, especially during revisions.

Storyboards, why use one

To minimise revisions, developing a clear brief for the storyboard creator is crucial. The storyboard creator will subsequently pass on this brief to the developer. The client essentially provides the brief, some will know exactly what they want, others not. Effective questioning during training needs discussion is crucial to do this properly.

On a project, I encountered a situation where the end client lacked clarity on the training objective. Consequently, they shared very vague instructions that were open to interpretation. The company I worked for was also very vague, changed their vision numerous times, and made the work challenging because I believe they didn’t seek to clarify the client’s needs.

A brief and a storyboard go hand in hand, especially when documentation and version controls are required. A storyboard is a great tool to use when developing training and is critical, particularly when developing adhoc training programs when quick fixes are sought as training solutions.

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Learning Elements Storyboard Template for Training Design
Learning Elements Storyboard Template

Storyboards serve as indispensable tools in training design, providing clarity, structure, and an engaging narrative flow. By utilising the storyboard templates offered by Learning Elements, you can streamline your training development process and unlock the full potential of your instructional design efforts.

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