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Have You Ever Wondered if Participants were Paying Attention in online training or webinar
26 Oct 2020

Have You Ever Wondered if Participants Were Paying Attention?

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Have you wondered why you receive emails and calls after a session to go over the same information? Or why people aren’t getting involved in a meeting? Suppose you answered yes to any of these questions. In that case, my new online training module, “TRAIN THE ONLINE PRESENTER,” can help you address these challenges and help you increase engagement and involvement in your participants’ training sessions.

You could be an expert in your business or the go-to person in your team, channel, industry, or even in the building. Still, without some basic presenting and facilitation skills, your objectives may not be met if you don’t develop and plan out your sessions, especially if you’re not familiar with whatever platform you’re using.  In this training, you’ll learn the basic skills of online facilitation, which you can build on as you continue using online formats to communicate messages.

Have You Ever Wondered if Participants were Paying Attention

I’m a training and development professional, and I’ve been working in the industry for 20 years as a trainer, coach, and instructional designer. What I’ve found talking to peers and attending virtual events is that a lot of people would benefit from learning about the foundations of presenting and facilitation, particularly online.

Effective transfer of information occurs when people are engaged. Without it, you may as well be talking to yourself.

This course is a short, sharp introductory training in the presenter module.

The online training focuses on 3 key topics:

  • Presenting and facilitating
  • Plan your session
  • Engaging with virtual tools

And also includes 3 resources:

  • Download the meeting agenda to plan out a meeting
  • Use the session plan for training and webinar sessions
  • Use the storyboard as part of the planning and development process of creating a training session

The resources are simple tools to help you plan and run meetings/webinars/training. If storyboarding and developing online training is something you’re not keen on sending an email to me, Reena, at info@learningelements.com.au to connect and work together on your training needs.

Training Gaps and Objectives: Bridging the Performance Divide

Enhance Participants’ Training through Engaging Experiences

When training participants, creating an engaging learning environment is key to maximising their potential. Our innovative approach to participant training focuses on empowering individuals and fostering active involvement throughout the learning journey.

Through our tailored programs, we prioritise interactive experiences that go beyond mere information delivery. We believe in creating opportunities for participants to apply their knowledge, engage in discussions, and collaborate with peers. Engage participants in learning through stimulating activities and exercises that promote critical thinking and problem-solving.

We utilise interactive tools like gamification, virtual simulations, and group-based projects for an enjoyable and impactful training experience. Our dynamic atmosphere fosters deep engagement, enabling participants to retain and apply their knowledge.

At the heart of our approach is recognising that participants learn best when actively engaged in the training process. We create a safe, inclusive space for sharing perspectives, asking questions, and collaborating. Embracing a learner-centred approach empowers participants, enhancing knowledge retention and motivation to apply new skills.

Experience the difference between participants’ training, traditional lectures, and passive learning. Join our programs! Embark on a transformative journey where engagement and active involvement are at the forefront, ensuring participants unlock their full potential and achieve their training goals.

Enrol in Learning Elements training courses today and discover the power of engaging learning experiences!