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The Impact of Insufficient Training Why Training is a Must-Have in the Workplace
4 Aug 2020

Workplace Training Is a Must Have

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If anyone requires proof that training is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have or not necessary-to-have, look no further than the bedlam that has originated from the Rydges Hotel in Melbourne.

The Impact of Insufficient Training: Why Training is a Must-Have in COVID-19 Quarantine Facilities

Sub-contractors employ security staff with no experience and training to work in the hotel where people are in quarantine during the early stage of COVID-19. It should have been obvious this was going to end terribly, and perhaps it was, which was then disregarded as, in desperate times, reckless choices can be made. Such negligence not only jeopardizes the safety of those in quarantine but also undermines public health efforts during the pandemic.

In one example, a person was offered a job via WhatsApp. They receive the job without undergoing an interview, reference check, competency check, and possibly even a police check. When the individual asks his employer (the sub-contractor) for training on his first day, the employer advises him to speak to a security guard at the hotel. He quickly discovers there is no on-the-job training.

Moreover, security guards are winging it and doing what they think is expected. As a result, lives inside and outside of the hotel were put at risk.

Appropriate industry skills such as:

  • Security management
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Surveillance
  • Interpersonal
  • OHS

were apparently deemed irrelevant, as was onsite training specific to COVID-19 quarantine needs.  

Training Can Be Short, Sharp and Effective

A training needs analysis should be part of the process. It identifies the skills required for a bio-safety security guard role. This follows the development of a relevant training program, including certification, training delivery, follow-up, up-skilling, and refreshing if necessary. Alternatively, they should have employed the right people in the first instance.

A lot of people are making ill-fated decisions. These decisions have resulted in potentially spreading COVID-19 into the community, impacting residents in the Melbourne metro region as we enter stage 4 restrictions. A lack of training and guidelines has presented variability in work performed by individuals, many of whom were trying their best in the current seemingly hopeless situation.

If we can learn anything from this, it is that training is a must-have in all workplaces.

The Impact of Insufficient Training: Why Training is a Must-Have in COVID-19 Quarantine Facilities

Image source: Goldcoast Locanto


One cannot underestimate the significance of training in any field or industry. Whether it’s for workplace safety, crisis management, or personal development, training plays a pivotal role. It equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, growth, and adaptability. This culture leads to enhanced performance, improved outcomes, and a safer environment for all. By recognising the value of learning and investing in it, we pave the way for success. This investment creates a brighter future for individuals and organisations alike.

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